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Illif & Havana - 10600 E Iliff Ave Aurora, CO 80014
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About A-TOWN


Your Pizza Will Be Born From Fire!

Having grown up less then a mile from A-Town Pizza, our family is looking forward to serving the community that has made us the people we are today. Our hope is to bring something that has been perfected in Italy to our corner of the world. A-Town Pizza is serving Neapolitan style pizza which takes 00 Flour, Fresh Mozzarella, and San Marzano Tomatoes. Simplicity makes our pizza great! Please come try our never frozen pizza, wings and salads.



It’s All About The Dough!

Using only the finest ingredients is how A-Town is separating itself from the competition. 00 Flour is the backbone of the pizza. Then, only the sweetest San Marzano style tomatoes are hand blended with sea salt to leave nature unadulterated. All topped with fresh mozzarella.

A Town Pizza uses fresh dough made the day before from Italian flour aged to perfection. The dough is the canvas for our ingredients that are simply the best. Fresh Mozzarrella and fresh ingredients make our pizza second to none after it has a ride in the A-Town Stefano Ferrara Oven.

A-Town is waiting to serve you Neapolitan Style Pizza.

Will Harris

COO, Owner


A-Town Pizza Inc.

Quincy & Buckely

17060 E Quincy Ave

 Aurora, CO 80015


llif and Havana

10600 E Iliff Ave

Aurora, CO 80014

Phone: (303)693-WOOD